Encore Presentation of Webinar Tomorrow- CEUs!

Thu, Oct 10, 2019 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

 Join Dr. John Bagnulo for a deep dive into a human metabolism centered food webinar that is sure to strengthen your interest in whole foods. This discussion highlights many interactive molecules inherent to whole plant foods simply missing from foods comprised of isolated ingredients. Each has countless interactions with our endocrine, neurological, cardiovascular, and hepato-biliary systems, in addition to the omni-influential microbiome and fundamental cellular processes.
Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this lecture participants will be able to
1. Identify the various components in whole foods that have microbial, biochemical, or epigenomic influence beyond the macronutrient content.
2. Describe the synergy found between specific compounds contained in whole foods and lost with refined and/or heavily processed foods.
3. Provide an example of where complex interactions between phytonutrients and vitamins provide a physiological advantage over the consumption of each constituent consumed in isolation.
4. Outline the major areas of research that are currently illustrating the benefits of whole food consumption over refined foods.

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