Member Highlights

Members Highlights is proud to present our next Highlighted Member

Rayona Baker, RDN, LD

Leadership Positions:

            President of KY Diabetes Association (1989-1990)

            Leadership Elizabethtown Class (2001-2002)

            Dietitians Business Communications Marketing Chair (2008-2010)

            KDA President (2011-2012)

            Dietitians Business Communications Mentoring Chair (2013-2014)

            KAND Awards Chair (2013-2014)

Why choose study of dietetics: I wanted to do something in healthcare, growing up watched my grandfather struggle with controlling his Diabetes and felt nutrition and lifestyle choices could have a positive impact. Considered pharmacy or veterinary school.

Operations has always been my favorite track in Dietetics which lead me to my current career in Marketing.

Most enjoyable as a nutrition professional: Working with customers to improve the dining experience they offer in their communities/facilities. Creating great eye appeal, service and flavor profiles for everyone regardless of texture requirements.

Favorite Food: Grilled Salmon