Survey Request from House of Delegates

Hello KAND Members:

The House of Delegates values your input on future Professional Issues. Please consider taking a few minutes to complete the survey to submit a professional issue(s).

To ensure agility for the HOD to address issues that have short- and long-term impact on food and nutrition practice, the HOD Evolution Designers Team recommended a new process to select strategic and professional issues.

Strategic Issues are emerging issues with potential impact on the dietetics profession in three or more years, overriding issues of strategic importance that cut across multiple discipline areas and support the Academy’s strategic mission, vision, and focus.

Strategic Issues replace Mega Issues. Examples include Diversity, Technology Obsolescence and Leadership Development. The Academy’s Council on Future Practice, the organizational unit comprised of ten members who represent practice, education, credentialing and accreditation and the Board of Directors, identifies Strategic Issues for consideration by the HOD.

Professional Issues are specialized or practice-based topics that need immediate attention by the HOD. These issues may impact a subset of practice areas within the profession. Examples of Professional Issues include master’s requirement implementation, licensure, reimbursement and payment, and preceptor and internship shortages.

Academy members are the key contributors to determining professional issues. If you have a professional issue you would like the House of Delegates to consider for a future dialogue, please complete this survey by May 22, 2020.

As your delegate, I appreciate you helping me identify which professional issues are important to our membership. Please make sure to select the Affiliate KAND you are a part of, so I receive the data, as I am being asked to prioritize our members’ submissions.

Thank you.

Maggie Murphy, PhD, RD, LD, FAND

KAND Delegate

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