Take Action!  Along with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the KAND public policy committee shares our members’ concerns for the health and safety of our nation. This national emergency and uncertainty of the future is certainly difficult for our profession; however, the Academy is committed to our members and to the public. Significant measures are being taken to address all challenges and AND is engaged in policy initiatives to ensure access to food and nutrition care are part of the response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. We need your help to ensure our food and nutrition programs that reduce food insecurity remain reliable during this unstable time.

We are asking you to take a few moments to take actionUrge Kentucky’s Congressional leaders to act now regarding proposed COVID-19 pandemic legislation. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, combined with reduced regulatory burden, will give agencies the authority and funding necessary to keep programs running while also supporting efforts to limit exposure to and the spread of the coronavirus.

Please take a couple of minutes out of your day to advocate for those in need to ensure everyone has access to food during this time. Click here to be directed to the Academy’s Action Center.

Thank you!

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